About TimeSquared

TimeSquared represents a new standard of team building, featuring state of the art interactive and immersive activities combined with insider knowledge of the corporate world. TimeSquared are tailoring their facilities to meet the demands of modern businesses who want to find out what their staff and management are capable of, and who want to expose exceptional team members as well as identify weaknesses in the group dynamic.

TimeSquared seeks to bridge a gap in the market. Unlike its contemporaries who offer activities like Go-Karting and Chocolate Making, TimeSquared goes beyond just competition and a glorified day out, instead focussing on actually building and strengthening teams as well as developing staff as individuals. By achieving a goal, TimeSquared aims to give delegates a sense of purpose and belonging within the hierarchy of a team or organisation.

TimeSquared will also be open to the public and you can book their facilities for all kinds of private parties from a date night through to a large celebration. Opening 2 new Escape Rooms soon alongside other exciting new activities, you are guaranteed an experience to be remembered.

Company History

TimeSquared Ltd was formed in response to a need for corporate team building to move into the 21st century. The company name is coined from “Team Interactive imMersive Experiences” and the core aim is to ensure that every experience and activity available is both interactive and immersive, breathing life into static concepts and allowing the participant to fully engage with the activity and lose themselves in escapism. With high attention to detail and a focus on the entire end to end experience, TimeSquared endeavours to ensure that your experience is second to none, not just whilst on site, but from enquiry through to feedback.

Escape Room Owner, David Betts, engaged Hannalytics Ltd to help develop his business, Escapism. Acting on the sound counsel of Hannah, he made the decision to expand and develop the business to focus on the Corporate Team Building market while remaining a specialist with the Escape Room market, his passion. Deciding to rebrand and found TimeSquared Ltd, he approached Hannah asking if she would be interested in collaborating and bringing her wealth of corporate experience to the table. Now husband and wife, this creative team are full of new ideas.

Fusing David’s creativity and special effects expertise with Hannah’s logic and business acumen has brought a new standard to both the Team Building and Escape Room markets. Seeking to be entertaining whilst also adding value to business and education, TimeSquared Ltd does so in a fresh new way, ensuring that participants have a great experience whilst also having the opportunity to develop skills both individually and corporately. Appealing to all ages and markets, this inspired partnership covers all angles, seeking to raise the bar, step out into new territory and become industry trendsetters.

Continuing the trend with the highly acclaimed “Escape the Curlew Study”, David's original escape room, TimeSquared will be showcasing their interactive Escape Rooms believing them to have universal appeal from Corporate Team Building and Education right through to private parties and a fun night out. Rated the 2nd best “Fun and Games” activity across Warwickshire on TripAdvisor, “Escape the Curlew Study” had a proven track record and their new rooms aim to raise the bar higher and provide an even better experience.

The TimeSquared Team

Meet the minds behind TimeSquared and find out how we got here.


David Betts

Creative Director


Hannah Betts

Commercial Director

David Betts

109-profile-shotFor 20 years, David enjoyed a varied career in illusion that took him all over the world. From TV and stage work to close up magic for the rich and famous, he invented and presented effects that made the impossible come to life. In 2013 David landed a publishing deal and his first novel, 'The Magician in the Attic' was released to great reviews.

Upon hearing about the concept of an Escape Room, David realised that this was the perfect fusion of his abilities. An Escape Room allowed him to merge his expertise as an Illusionist in disguising and hiding mechanisms and secrets with his skills as an Author in weaving detailed characters, rich storylines and plot twists. David's room designs go way beyond the usual "padlocks in a room" approach found in many of his contemporary's rooms to provide the gamer with an interactive and immersive experience that allows you to lose yourself.

Ever the optimist full of excitement and passion, David set about creating an Escape Room from scratch. "The Curlew Study" was launched in 2014 as a side business to Illusion under the umbrella company Escapism. Achieving great reviews, it quickly shot to 2nd place on TripAdvisor for "Things to Do" in the area. With customers raving about the game and desperate for another, David decided to do something groundbreaking and add a second game to the same room.

As he approached 40 years old, rehearsal studios full of cabinets, constant travel and life on the road started to outweigh his love of the craft and he decided to take early retirement from performing. With a toe in the Escape Room market already, David decided to focus his energies on expanding the business and becoming a market leader. Later in 2016, David made the decision to change his business direction and focus on Corporate Team Building. This change allowed him to expand his horizons and remove the restrictions on his creative experiences that Escape Rooms afforded. Having taken 3 years to find suitable premises, he is thrilled to be back in the escape room market and bringing his immersive rooms to the table once again.

Hannah Betts

14492431_10157582811180381_1966873239788008346_nWorking her way up the food chain, Hannah became a key player in the Corporate world in 2007 putting her analytical skills to the test with commercial analysis. Working in a wide range of fields from Freight to Finance to Retail, Hannah worked for a variety of businesses including Amazon.co.uk doing Commercial and Business Analysis through to Resourcing and MI Production. Working with Stakeholders at all levels including Directors, Hannah has a vast experience of the cross-section of the corporate world and the soft skills required to succeed in business.

Launching her own business in 2015 as a Business Consultant, Hannah has continued to use her skills with other businesses to minimise cost and maximise efficiency within the workplace. With a love of problem solving and high attention to detail, Hannah loves to do a deep dive and get to the bottom of problems before solving them and putting them back together.

Consulting with Escapism in early 2016, Hannah quickly shook things up, breaking apart the business model to restructure and focus it and assist David in all aspects of the business. Recognising the asset that she was, David sought to acquire her services as a partnership for his new venture.

Although a natural geek with a love of numbers, computers, programming, electronics, structure, logic, organisation and other forms of general geekiness, Hannah also studied singing post university and loves to bake, displaying her creative streak. She's been surprised to find that designing and building escape rooms is right up her alley, and by constantly raising the bar on each other, David and Hannah push their escape room designs to another level.