Corporate Team Building


TimeSquared represents a new standard of team building, featuring state of the art interactive and immersive activities combined with insider knowledge of the corporate world. TimeSquared will be tailoring their facilities to meet the demands of modern businesses who want to find out what their staff and management are capable of, and who want to expose exceptional team members as well as identify weaknesses in their group dynamic.

TimeSquared seeks to bridge a gap in the market. Unlike its contemporaries who offer activities like Go-Karting and Chocolate Making, TimeSquared goes beyond just competition and a glorified day out, instead focussing on actually building and strengthening teams as well as developing staff as individuals.

Using communication and participation to achieve an objective against a deadline emulates the workplace demands in a new way, revealing the true priorities and approach of your team. With real time interaction from virtual characters as well as curve balls thrown in mid-experience, management can get real insight into how their workforce interpret situations, work together and whether they are effective communicators and team players.

TimeSquared will be presenting 5 original Escape Rooms in the future from the same creator as Escape the Curlew Study (formerly of Escapism, Nuneaton), alongside other interactive activities and workshops of the same calibre.


Why Invest in Team Building?

Since the stock market crash in 2008, pressure has been on businesses to streamline and reduce costs which in turn has driven reduction in staff. This has resulted in employees being required to take on more work and the pressure is on to be more efficient and achieve more with less resources. Business today is a fast paced, competitive environment with little room for error and inefficiency. Here at TimeSquared, we believe in the principle of working "Smarter, not Harder" and we strive to help you develop and focus your teams to not just understand this in principle, but deliver it in practice. Our interactive experiences aim to develop soft skills which are fundamental to team work and shaping how people approach work. Whilst essential, quite often soft skills are the hardest to develop within the workplace resulting in employees struggling to work effectively and meet targets. We believe this is core to delivering "Smarter, not Harder" and achieving effective and efficient teams.


Communication is the driving force behind any team and businesses rely on effective communication both internally and externally to function efficiently. “Strong Communication Skills” feature prominently within Essential Skills on job adverts and are highly sought after, particularly within management and roles which interact cross-functionally. All of our activities require effective communication in order to succeed with some focussing entirely on this, requiring participants to be able to articulate clearly what is required and to listen and interpret instructions. We also have additional twists that we can throw into activities for teams who need to focus on this aspect.


Creativity and Problem Solving Skills are a core part of our make-up at TimeSquared, with one of our Directors being the Queen of Problem Solving. We think that there are no unsolvable problems, just solutions waiting to be found. We believe that everyone carries the ability to problem solve but that these skills need to be encouraged and developed in order to gain confidence.


Decision Making is a key part of being effective and not just important for team leaders. Our activities require participants to be able to make decisions both individually and corporately and then to take ownership of that decision, driving it forward. Having employees at all levels who are confident in making effective, informed decisions releases team leaders and managers to focus on developing and driving business forward.


Leadership Skills are easily overlooked. While some are natural born leaders, these skills can also be honed and developed in individuals. Our activities help your staff discover their leadership style and develop their skills within this area.


Team Work is central to all we do and is what we focus on. For a business to function effectively, every part needs to work together cohesively in unity. It’s important for each member of a team to know their strengths and what they bring to a team and subsequently, to understand their role within it. All of our activities have team work as a core facet requiring participants to utilise everyone’s skills. We also have activities that focus directly on developing a sense of team and understanding the different roles and skills needed in a team.


Time Management and the ability to Work Under Pressure is the crux of Deadline Management and vital for businesses in keeping up with today’s fast pace. Many of our activities require participants to work under pressure to achieve a goal within a fixed time constraint. We even have activities where the goal or parameters change along with the time frame to reflect real life business scenarios. Participants will have the opportunity to learn these skills and then put them into practice in creative ways.


Self-Motivation is pivotal to all these principles. Individuals who cannot motivate themselves are inefficient, becoming a drain on leadership and ineffective. This is particularly important as a part of change management when a business is going through restructure or upheaval and employees caught up in this can become demotivated. Our interactive activities can help refocus your employees, reinforcing their commitment to your company goals and their own, increasing optimism, encouraging initiative and helping them to rediscover their personal drive to succeed. Goal making is a key part of this and our activities can enable your staff to set high but realistic goals that will push them out of their comfort zone.

Our packages are tailored to your needs. We can recommend structured team building days or put together bespoke programmes focussing on areas for development that you have highlighted. Your staff will return to the office refreshed, revitalised, refocused and ready to put their new skills into practice.

For more information about available interactive, immersive activities, please get in touch.

Team Building Packages

Here at TimeSquared, we recognise that every Client is different - from their needs to their budget. To accommodate this, we have 2 tiers of package, Standard and Premium. Both packages include Escape Room experiences alongside our other high quality interactive experiences and use of our facilities. Below is a table showing what is included in our Standard and Premium Team Building Packages. If you're looking for something different to the below packages, please get in touch and we'll be happy to quote you for a bespoke package.

All our packages begin with a welcome session including Tea and Coffee and end with a debrief and short Awards Ceremony to feedback with delegates. Tea and Coffee breaks are included in all our packages and for full day packages, a buffet lunch is included which is ordered in from a local company. Larger parties (24+ Standard, 20+ Premium) will have exclusive use of our facilities enabling you to relax and make yourselves at home.

All of our corporate packages are booked over the phone providing you with a personalised service. Whichever your budget or time option, we will put together the ultimate team day for your delegates and ensure that you get the very best for your money.



Premium Packages

Our premium packages include some additional options as detailed below.

Premium Team Building Activities

When booking your experience, you will be given a list of activities to choose from. Premium packages allow you a wider range to choose from for example, you could choose to add an additional Escape Room experience or one of our more expensive activities.


When booking a premium package, the client will have use of the Boardroom. This could be used to exchange one of the activities with a start of year meeting, or for Management Monitoring (See Below).

Management Monitoring

Included as part of the premium package is the option for Managers to monitor the activities and interact with the delegates. We particularly recommend this for Escape Rooms where the Manager can sit with a cup of coffee in the Boardroom and watch the progress on the CCTV. They will have access to a radio to allow them to interact with the players and a list of specific curve balls they can throw in the mix - for example, if some of the players are louder than others, they can blindfold the louder players requiring the quieter members of the team to speak up and lead those who cannot see.

Premium Lunch

Our premium lunch is a higher standard of buffet with a wider selection of food items. This will be served on china plates with silverware and glassware in place of paper and plastic.


Our Premium packages include prizes. All teams will score points throughout the session and the winning team will receive a prize at the awards ceremony. On top of this, all delegates will get the opportunity to vote for their choice in a number of categories including Most Valuable Player and for the booby prize - which goes to the person who said or did the most ridiculous thing during the session. TimeSquared will provide some prizes but you are welcome to supplement this with prizes of your own e.g. an additional day's holiday, dinner with the CEO etc.

Packages Breakdown and Pricing

Please note, we are currently only able to accommodate half-day Corporate Team Building packages for up to 12 delegates, unless for a Bespoke activity. Corporate Team Building will be available from September 2021, but can be booked now.

Included Half Day Standard Half Day Premium
No of Delegates 6 - 42 6 - 42
Cost per Delegate (first 20) £50 £75
Cost Per Delegate (20+) £45 £70
Duration (hours) 4.25 4.25
Escape the Room Experiences 1 1
Standard Team Building Activites 2 1
Premium Team Building Activities 1
Buffet Lunch
Arrival Tea & Coffee Yes Yes
Break with Tea, Coffee & Biscuits 1 1
Cloakroom & Locker Facilities Yes Yes
Use of Boardroom Yes
Management Monitoring Yes
Private Use of Facilities 24+ delegates 20+ delegates
Awards Ceremony Yes Yes
Certificate of Attendance Yes Yes
Prizes Yes
Included Full Day Standard Full Day Premium
No of Delegates 8 - 42 8 - 42
Cost per Delegate (first 20) £95 £125
Cost Per Delegate (20+) £85 £115
Duration (hours) 9 9
Escape the Room Experiences 2 2
Standard Team Building Activites 4 2
Premium Team Building Activities 2
Buffet Lunch Standard Premium
Arrival Tea & Coffee Yes Yes
Break with Tea, Coffee & Biscuits 2 2
Cloakroom & Locker Facilities Yes Yes
Use of Boardroom Yes
Management Monitoring Yes
Private Use of Facilities 24+ delegates 20+ delegates
Awards Ceremony Yes Yes
Certificate of Attendance Yes Yes
Prizes Yes

Team Building Package Programme

Where possible, we will tailor our packages to meet your needs and give you a personalised service. Below are our recommended timings for activities and structuring your session. These timings are subject to change based on the activities chosen and each team will have a slightly different timetable to accommodate the longer activities accordingly.

Time Activity
09:00 Welcome
09:15 Activity 1
10:30 Activity 2
11:30 Break
11:45 Activity 3
13:00 Debrief
13:15 Finish
Time Activity
09:00 Welcome
09:15 Activity 1
10:30 Activity 2
11:30 Break
11:45 Activity 3
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Activity 4
15:15 Break
15:30 Activity 5
16:30 Activity 6
17:45 Debrief
18:00 Finish