Recruiting for Success

Did you know that up to a third of new hires fail their probation?

A survey in 2019 found that up to a third of new hires fail their probation, costing the company over £20k in recruitment fees and salary during probation, not to mention set up fees, and time and cost invested in training.

Why are so many people failing probation?

Various surveys taken suggest the following reasons:

  • Absence and poor time management
  • Poor interpersonal skills (e.g. listening and communication)
  • An unwillingness to accept feedback
  • Attitude or lack of motivation
  • Not having the right temperament for the job
  • Failure to fit into the culture or personality clashes
  • Disengagement

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What's the solution?

There are 3 main areas which impact whether a hire will be successful, and we can help you to make excellent hires and retain them.

1. Hire the Right People
2. Build a Strong Team
3. Empower Managers to Lead and Engage

1. Hire the Right People

We believe in hiring the best people so that we can provide the best service to our customers.  But how do you identify who is the best person for the job? Interviews will allow you to ask a series of questions and put people on the spot for answers, but this is a forced environment which not everyone excels at. Just because you can paint yourself in a great light during an interview doesn't mean you can deliver on your promises. Anyone can google pat answers to interview questions! And what about those candidates who struggle at interview, fail to make eye contact, trip over their words, look incredibly nervous. You know there's something there, but you just can't get them to relax long enough to show you who they are. How do you really get to know them and give them a chance without hiring them?

Understanding how their soft skills stack up as well as whether they meet the person specification will help you to make an informed decision and to ease their transition into the team during their induction. Soft skills are often only truly displayed when a candidate has been hired and thus can be costly should a new starter fall short of the mark. Assessing their soft skills beforehand will increase your confidence in the hire and reduce the chance of having to start the recruitment process again. That's why we put all our hires through a rigorous testing process before we hire them, and we want to offer you the opportunity to use this fantastic tool too.

Assessing Interview Candidates

The Escape Room experience puts candidates in a fun, but pressurised environment, forcing them to work with and forge relationships with people they do not know - something that is reflective of the working environment. To successfully complete their mission, they must utilise each player to their strengths - a challenge as they do not know each other. They must work together, make space for each other, and step out of their comfort zone. Escape Rooms highlight strengths and expose weaknesses. Candidates immerse themselves in the experience and quickly forget that they are on CCTV and being watched, meaning that their true colours come to the forefront.

The first time we did this experiment we were surprised to eliminate our strongest candidate, who under pressure did not work well within a team. The quieter candidates outshone the more confident ones, taking time to think through problems rather than jump in feet first and make mistakes. All our Escape Rooms are built with Corporate Team Building at the forefront. Each step in the process is designed to highlight different soft skills, from teamwork to communication, leadership to time management.

We will take you through the process, highlighting what to look for at each stage, and then hiring managers can watch the gameplay on the CCTV system themselves. We can interrupt the game to throw a curveball, penalise players who are taking over, or even evict them should you wish. Or if you prefer, you can pass the responsibility over to us, we'll put them through their paces and send you a report on the candidates. With years of experience in business and recruitment, we can give you plenty of insight to help you make the right decisions.

We've tried and tested this method and have seen first hand the benefits to this approach for an interview stage and would highly recommend you do the same.

With packages from £200 for 4 candidates, contact us here for more details.

2.  Build a Strong Team

One of the mistakes that Hiring Managers sometimes make is to hire people like them. A great team is made up of different people, with different strengths and weaknesses, all working together to achieve the same goal. There are many different personality profiling tools on the market, but they all agree on one thing - people are different, and they fall into different categories.

When you hire people who are the same, you will find that you continue to have gaps and needs in your team. Your team will be forced to do tasks and take on responsibilities that aren't in their sweet spot, and this affects their job satisfaction, as well as their ability to deliver. There may also be personality clashes with team members who struggle to understand their colleague's priorities, preferences and ways of doing things, and this can cause cultural issues and discord within your team.

For example, if your team is made up of all people who are fast decision makers, who make decisions based on how they feel, you will make progress, but it may be in the wrong direction, or may fail to consider the bigger picture and long term goals. On the flip side, if all your team are analytical and need facts to make decisions, you may find yourself impacted by "analysis paralysis" and stuck in a rut. Every team needs a balance of people who can encourage and support each other to achieve the best possible results, and keep your business moving forwards.

We offer two services to help you to build a strong team, both before you hire and afterwards. Firstly, we highly recommend doing some Team Building with us. It's a great way to showcase your Team's strengths as well as highlighting and developing their weaknesses. Our team building packages can offer a broad spectrum of skills, or we can focus in on a soft skill you've highlighted as an issue.

Secondly, we offer an interactive session giving delegates an insight into the different workplace behavioural styles based on the DISC model of human behaviour. Delegates will gain an understanding of the priorities, preferences, and value of each style, gain an awareness of their own style of behaviour, those of their colleagues and explore how to build meaningful relationships, pathing the way for a more effective and productive team. Doing this interactive activity prior to hiring can help to identify the gaps in your team and what kind of person you need to be hiring to meet your needs.

You can read more about our Corporate Team Building here

3. Empower your Managers to Lead and Engage

" of the biggest causes of poor performance is disengagement – not just amongst new recruits but all staff. Gallup research has shown that 70% of the difference between engagement and disengagement is due directly to the manager. So while some cases of underperformance may in fact be a valid reason to extend or fail a probation, the numbers suggest that the vast majority of cases are actually failures of management."


Having the right hires and a strong team can still lead to failures if your Managers aren't empowered. Your Managers are the ones who will inspire your teams and engage them. Good managers lead the way and their teams follow.

But if your staffing problem is actually a management problem, how do you fix it? The first step is to identify where the issues lie.

  • Do they believe in your product?
  • Are they loyal to your brand?
  • Are they engaged with you as a business?
  • Do they know and understand your values?
  • Do they agree with them?
  • Do they understand different personalities and profiles?
  • Do they know how to get the best from each?
  • Do they understand how to communicate with different kinds of people?
  • Do they know how to engage different personalities?
  • Do they feel supported by their own Managers?
  • Do they feel supported by their team?
  • Do they need developing in one of the soft skills?
  • Is their workload too much?

We have various packages that can provide you with help and support to empower your managers to lead and engage.

1. Brand or Product Awareness/Engagement - we can build you a custom interactive activity to get across your brand, message or product. This can help your Managers and Teams to engage with your product or brand from a different level or angle, bringing fresh insight and inspiration.

2. Personality Profiling - we can run an interactive session giving your Managers an insight into the different workplace behavioural styles based on the DISC model of human behaviour. This will give them an understanding of the priorities, preferences, and value of each style, gain an awareness of their own style of behaviour and explore how to build meaningful relationships, pathing the way for a more effective and productive team.

3. Team Building/Interactive Activities - we can run an interactive activity focussing on one or more soft skills which need developing, and help them to grasp a better understanding. We can also run activities which will investigate your company culture and highlight any challenges within it.